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OWNER: Monty Busch

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I believe its very important to know who is behind the company (web site) you just entered. .  

This is my hard money site about obtaining investment and hard money loans. I have spent the last 14 years learning to facilitate investment property loans as a broker, lender and for my personal needs.

Our Company / Loans are funded by private investors - thus we have ability to move fast without bank or fund regulations limiting our decisions. We make decisions internally on loan size, LTV, location and many other factors that sometimes are deal killers with other lenders.

I am an experienced investor myself having bought and sold over 25 homes in the last 10 years. I am also an active landlord currently holding over 13 properties but selling as of spring of 2016. (ask me the strategy)

We operate as a mortgage broker and lender. We are direct to the checkwriters and capital partners. We raise capital with local investors for our funding. We maintain control from origination and manage the underwriting internally.


If your still reading, I'm the owner and my company is comprised of private investors. We are simple and invite you call and dicuss or process about both as borrower and investor in our loans. We are true hard money lenders and will help you fund a good deal and punt a dud.

below * quick note about some of deal points

Features advantages benefits
no fund by- laws flexibility close with low credit and other deal breakers 
cash as opposed to lines of credit less red tape fast, no last minute turndowns
experience protection limit investors chance to lose money
Appraisals not always needed save time meet deadline- close when your competition cannot
good pricing - far from the highest save dollars up front
repeat borrower incentives fees can be reduced


Thanks and good luck

Recent deals as of June 2013:

225k on residential rehab with multiple properties as collateral

175k residential rehab

220k on Historic Rehab in Fort Worth

50k on small SFR l (we do small loans in Texas)

500k on 1.3 valued residential lots

3.8 million on condo construction

30k - 220k on rehabs in DFW, Austin, San Antonio

Land Loan - commercial pad site

subdivision loan of almost 1 million

retail center in Mo. , 1 million