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Step 1 - Texas Rehab Loan Borrower

and project summary:

(***scroll down to start application on this page)


Urban Coyote funding will have a 2 step process -

a) the rehab and borrower submission (This the page you are currently viewing. The submission is what details the actual project and discusses borrower experience)

b) Step 2 : the borrower full -standard 1003 residential loan application, or if you have full and recent PFS (Personal Financial Statement)

Step 1. (the submission -summary of your deal - scroll down and start typing in online form)

step : 2. . Full loan application (standard uniform application) (If we talked about deal already and are ready to go to step 2, the full Texas Rehab Borrower Application.

**if you want a long term loan (rental and landlord , and commercial income loans) -our DB Capital - long term site - Texasinvestorloan.com is available.

Borrower(guarantor(s)) Name:
Entity Name & Type (llc,lp,other) :
Borrower present address: own or rent:
What is purpose of loan: (examples below) Purchase and rehab Refinance /cashout/other rehab and rent Purchase money only
Purchase price(if under contract):(original purchase price and date if refinance & date) :
Current value of property if refinance or cashout :
loan amount wanted :
What is rehab cost ? (or monies spent to date ) :
Please summarize your repairs with above costs: (you can download a rehab budget):
ARV (after repaired value)?
What type of property (exact description)(sfr, duplex, apt...) :
Address or exact location of property: (TBD if you seek preapproval) :
IF subject property is rented, what is monthly rent and expenses? (for rentals) if not rented just say N/A
square feet, year built, (brief details on property):
What is "story" of the loan. (include short history and original purchase price if refinance and when, was there anything special about the circumstances:
Email Address (main -contact- borrower) :
Borrower phone:
What does borrower do for a living and estimate of income : (job, other income...) ?
borrowers approximate credit score and any explanation for negative items:
What is borrower(s) liquidity? if more than 1 borrower , please list: (looking for reserves)
Can you explain any negative credit information if there are any reported ?
How many rental properties owned now or in past 2 years?
How many flips or property have you purchased in last 24 months ?
Please provide contact info parties involved in transaction (mortgage broker, agents, title, etc) )
upload any available 3rd party documents (budgets, closing statements to show experience, appraisal, survery, contract..)

    Please make sure all documents are :
    A: labeled with contents clearly (word doc,pdf, or excel)
    B. email (if too large please upload to our server  (www.uploadmyloan.com)

    Organization will increase the speed of decision making and closing, we are not an admin. staff, we are lending company and real estate professionals.


    Contract (signed ) __
    Rent Roll(if multi family)
    Appraisal (if you have one , or old one ) __
    Rehab (detailed) budget:
    Contractor  info (NAME,CONTACT)
    Contract with your contractor (if applicable) :

    Misc 3rd party reports: __
    Survey __

    prelim. title work (we will supply you and title company with mortgagee- (lender))



    Borrower identification ___(driver license, other)
    Bank statements (last 3 unless “bank statement program’ , then need 24
    Voided check for ACH withdraw

    CREDIT: (report if availbale) :

    Articles of LLC,LP /other:
    By Laws associated with Entity (signed)
    EIN and TAX ID associated with entity

    Experience with rentals and flips (current REO schedule and history of flips- how many total)



    1. Contact info (if not borrower) for access to loan
    2. Borrowers insurance agent (contact info)
    3. Title company (contact info)