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Commercial Hard Money



We fund small commercial deals with our funds and larger commercial bridge loans with select private funds , life insurance companies and a syndication of private investors. With over 15 years of experience lending in Texas our flexibility and speed are key when funding solid commercial loans in Texas and other top 50 type markets.

Loan Types:

Acquisition & Development loans for commercial land  - up to 65% of value
Hard money for Apartment buildings, office ,retail, warehouse ,more...  up to 70% LTV
Commercial reale estate rehab & redevelopment - repurpose

Recent deals as of May 2018

450k land for development in DFW

2 million for Restaurant in Texas

750k loan development in Houston suburb

Various commercial land, pad sites in Texas - traditional hard private money to 60% LTV on Raw land

Spec Constructions with non bank bridge money in San Antonio, Denver, DFW and more coming

500k for C Store and 10 acres

400k for MF in DFW

2 million for office

2 million for JV - Purchase of development

....deals up to 10 million are possible

175k loan commercial building restaurant

400,000 on Land and C Store

600,000 on land in DFW

1.2 million on land in Austin for residential

2.4 million on Office buildingin Houston- Loan is maturing current lender very aggressive in foreclosing

1.8 milllion on several townhomes in Houston

300k on "in fill" lot in Dallas

4 million on hard money land loan in CT (12 month loan)

Land Loan - commercial pad site (12 months with option to renew)

subdivision loan of almost 1 million

retail center in Mo. , 1 million


More detail can be found ,

Our Hard Money Site , www.uslandfunds.com , but below is a breif look at the kinds of commecical Hard Money and bridge loans that may be available.

Our funding is both capital from within and select private entities (partners, small funds, family office) which we have establised relationships. We are intermediaries to capital rather than a broker for borrowers. We have capital available and seek loans and projects which fit our criteria of capital.

We help investors acquire and rehab commercial income property with asset based -hard money loans in Texas, specifically Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio. We look outside the state for loans over 500,000.


 Other Locations in Texas: Hard Money loans in available in 2ndary markets in Texas. Tyler,Longview, Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland, El Paso, Corpus Christi, McAllen(The Valley), and others.