Texas hard Money Historic rehab

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Hard Money Rehab loans

hard money for commercial

long term financing solutions for investors (non bank qualifying)

**we also arrange long term loans for investors (build a portfolio with our take out loans. Bank and non bank qualifying loans to 30 years.

.CALL 866 489 5363 to set up meeting or inquire about a rehab loan


I will ask,

whats the story, the purchase price, the history if you already own it.

For rehabs and quick prequal :

purchase price?
rehab  cost?
arv ?
borrower experience, (no of flips and owned rentals) ? what other kind of experience?
do you have 15% of total project in current liquidity (can be one borrower and /or partners) 

We look to loan up to 70 % ARV (65 - 75 ) pending property and location.  we have funded up to 100% of cost  but prefer to be around 90% of cost. 
preqaul for rehabs


Please know your deal (broker or owner) and we can tell you with great deal of accuracy the probabality of funding the loan.


FAX: 214 242 3753





If you have a question or scenario, please email with the basic facts (purchase price, repair cost, after repaired value) or use our online submission or download the word doc for texas hard money submisson form (click)

more guidelines